Prevent Heart Disease with Food

Proactive Prevention for Our Deadliest Disease

Over the last several years, we seem to have lost sight of the most common killer in our country.     Heart disease, also known as cardiovascular disease, accounts for almost 660,000 deaths in America every year. Heart disease has…

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Mobile phone hidden in a drawer

Unplug to Upgrade: Smart Ways to Slash Your Screen Time and Unlock a Healthier You

What do sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, eye strain, neck and back problems, social isolation, and even addictive behaviors all have in common? They all have connections to an increase in...
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Personal Care Products

Reducing Toxic Load to Balance Hormones: Spring Cleaning for Your Hormones

Different fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber

The Fiber Fix: Using Fiber to Enhance Weight Loss, Heart Health, Blood Sugar Management, and Brain Function with Real Food

Woman chopping vegetables preparing a meal

A Prep-Ahead DIY Fasting Mimicking Diet Menu

Holiday Feast

Planning for the Holidays on a Health Journey


Coach’s Corner: Do You Need More Omega-3s?

Coach's Corner: 9 Servings of Veggies in Real Life

Coach’s Corner: 9 Servings of Veggies in Real Life

Meal Planning in Real Life

Coach’s Corner: Meal Planning in Real Life

What's the Big Deal About Bread

Coach’s Corner: What’s the Big Deal About Bread?


Coach’s Corner: What are Healthy Carbs?

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Prevent Heart Disease with Food

Proactive Prevention for Our Deadliest Disease

Over the last several years, we seem to have lost sight of the most common killer in…

Mystery Illnesses

Demystifying POTS

This Mystery Illness Sweeping Our Country Doesn’t Need to Mystify You

Understanding POTS can seem overwhelming, but realizing its connection to other conditions offers a pathway to effective treatment.

Medical Misinformation | Part 4

Top 10 Myths About Autoimmune Disease

One in 12 Americans has an autoimmune disease, and twenty percent of the population currently has an auto antibody.

Medical Misinformation | Part 3

Top 10 Myths About Heart Disease

There is so much new research on heart health and how to mitigate our risk for heart disease. Unfortunately, I often hear dated information about heart disease, some of which have even been debunked.

Medical Misinformation | Part 2

Top 10 Myths About Mold

Because I see so many patients affected by mold toxicity, and I hear so much confusion, I’d like to clear the air (literally and metaphorically) by dispelling the top 10 myths I hear surrounding mold-related illness.

Medical Misinformation | Part 1

Top 10 Myths About Cancer

We’re all affected by cancer — directly or indirectly. But why is it so prevalent these days? And what can we do about it?

Woman casting a long shadow

Treating Long COVID

Facing a Real Problem and Moving Forward

Long COVID is an inflammatory response to the original infection. That’s important because post-infectious inflammatory complications are not new.

Superpower or Supersyndrome? | Part 2

Hypermobility & Chronic Health Issues

Connecting the Dots between Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune Disease, & POTS

If a syndrome is a condition associated with a cluster of symptoms, a supersyndrome is a group of related conditions often seen together.

GLP-1 Breakthrough

Revolutionary New Probiotic Promotes Weight-Loss Naturally

Have you ever thought that the secret to weight loss could literally be living inside you? Discover the science behind the solution to metabolism.

Your Hormones in Harmony | Part 8

DHEA: The Mentor

Fountain of Youth...or Phony?

DHEA is commonly associated with anti-aging. It is prescribed for reproductive health. Supplements are marketed for aging…

Your Hormones in Harmony | Part 7

Testosterone: The French Horn

It’s Undervalued Role in Women’s Health

We often associate testosterone with men’s health, but it’s crucial for women’s health and sometimes overlooked as a therapeutic option in treating women’s hormone issues.

Spring Allergies

How to Ease Your Symptoms Naturally

You might be surprised to learn what the root causes are behind some of your seasonal sniffles!

Your Hormones in Harmony | Part 6

Progesterone: The Elder Sister

When I began studying medicine in 1996, I was told that after a woman had a hysterectomy…

Your Hormones in Harmony | Part 5

Estrogen: The Younger Sister

There are over 400 critical functions in the body involving estrogen! We need estrogen and tend to feel that powerfully when it’s lacking…

Your Hormones in Harmony | Part 4

Thyroid: The Conductor of Your Hormone Symphony

For all your hormones to play in harmony, they need to pay attention to the conductor of the symphony. That conductor is your thyroid.

Your Hormones in Harmony | Part 3

Insulin: The Keeper of the Metabolic Keys

& Our Sticky Situation with Insulin Resistance

We’re diving into the sticky world of insulin resistance and how it silently plucks the strings of our well-being.

Your Hormones in Harmony | Part 2


The King of All Hormones

The monarch of our hormonal hierarchy, cortisol, is an unsung hero when it’s in balance, but when it’s out of whack? It can turn your body into a realm of chaos.

Your Hormones in Harmony | Part 1

The Hormone Hierarchy

Prioritizing Hormone Interventions to Harmonize Your Health

The hormone hierarchy allows us to address the preceding factors first — those that affect other hormones beneath them in the hierarchy.

Girl eating healthy food

Micro Courses | Part 3

The Foundations of Functional Medicine

Build Your Health on Strong Foundations

Our newest micro-course explores the timeless health principles that can transform your life!

Micro Courses | Part 2

Real Food Diaries

Transform Your Health with a Bite of Insight

Discover the transformative power of eating real food in our FREE micro-course. Say goodbye to processed foods and hello to a healthier you!