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Chronic Health Issues Part I: The Shift from Acute Care

Chronic Disease is on the Rise The prevalence of chronic health conditions is rising at an alarming rate. In medicine over the last 10 to 15 years, there has been...

The Cause of the Root Cause of Chronic Disease Part III: The Role of Gut Health

How does fasting positively affect your gut health and treat chronic disease? In the past couple of weeks, we've alluded to the idea that gut health plays a major role...

The Cause of the Root Cause of Chronic Disease Part II: Using Fasting to Prevent and Treat Disease

Last week we discussed cell senescence as the underlying cause of chronic disease. How does fasting correct cell senescence and provide such a truly miraculous, metabolically-stimulating effect that can radically...

Coach’s Corner: Enjoying Green Tea

Dr. Hartman has listed green tea as a powerful therapeutic food in many posts on this blog. It seems to be good for (almost) whatever ails you!   Does his...

The Cause of the Root Cause of Chronic Disease Part I

In the future, the practice of medicine will focus on our cells - their function, metabolism, and senescence. So what are these things and why should you care? We have...

Cardiovascular Disease 4 of 4: Food as Medicine: Preventing Heart Disease with Diet Alone

Food as Medicine: Preventing Heart Disease with Diet Alone   Where's the proof? For those who have been following me for more than a few days, the statistic that 50%...

Cardiovascular Disease 3 of 4: Nutrients that Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk

What does a personalized approach look like when working with an integrative functional medicine practitioner to prevent or treat cardiovascular disease? With the aim of reducing the risk of heart...

Cardiovascular Disease 2 of 4

Last week we started our discussion on cardiovascular disease, the number one killer in our country. We talked about many risk factors and the root causes of heart disease: inflammation,...

The Cause of Cardiovascular Disease

Over the last several years, we seem to have lost sight of the most common killer in our country. Heart disease, also known as cardiovascular disease accounts for almost 660,000...

Coach’s Corner: Building Resilience with the Foundations of Health

Recently on the blog, Dr. Hartman has been talking about the profound health impact of cortisol imbalances. His number one recommendation for excessive cortisol, which is so prevalent in our...