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Testosterone and Women’s Health

When we think of testosterone, we often think of it in relation to men’s health, but it is a crucial hormone for women’s health as well.  This important hormone is...

Introducing Health Coaching at RIFM

In working with patients over the last 20 years, I’ve realized that one of the biggest impediments to people maximizing their health and wellness is the implementation of identified changes. ...


Although DHEA is one of the most commonly overlooked hormones, it is a master hormone responsible for the creation of cortisol, testosterone, and estrogen. While cortisol, testosterone, and estrogen often...

The Hormone Hierarchy: An Introduction to the New Series on Hormones

This new blog series will discuss hormones and hormonal health as we step through many different hormones and discuss them individually. But first, in this post, I'd like to discuss...

Why Will the Flu Be Worse This Season?

Influenza is a viral, upper respiratory tract infection that typically, in any given season, affects about 25% of the population. What this means is, over a period of three to...

Functional Medicine Doctor’s Guide to Protein Powders

Today, we wanted to take the time to delve into the topic of protein powders. We’re going to be highlighting protein-based and plant-based powders that include collagen. As you probably...

Will Your Christmas Dinner Make You Sleepy?

What’s the main course for you and your family this Christmas? Roast beef? Ham? Turkey? If your answer to that question was turkey, then you had better get cozy by...

Cooking Lessons from a Functional Medicine Doctor

If you've been around this blog (or our practice) very long, you've likely heard the theme, food is medicine more than once. You've also heard us talk about the amazing...

Have Migraines?

Common Migraine Triggers to Avoid One basic concept to think about with migraines is the concept of a headache threshold. We all have a headache threshold, which is a level...

How Far Science Has Progressed (Since I Was In Medical School!)

When I first started medical school in 1996, genes were all the rage. We were expecting, with the soon-to-be completed Human Genome Project, to start curing diseases and changing the...