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Free Micro-Courses

Dr. Hartman guides you through foundational health topics in simple, 1–2 minute videos.

Dr. Hartman walks through the “Homes for Health” guidelines produced by the Harvard School of Public Health, guiding you through critical steps to ensure your home is supporting the health of your whole family.

What is “real food” and why does it matter?

Dr. Hartman shares how eating real food can accelerate your health and help eliminate chronic illnesses.

Functional medicine focuses on the foundations of good healthcare such as eating real food, staying active, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress. Take control of your health by building strong foundations.

All Members Now Have Access to Primary Care.

Members receiving Advanced Functional Care from Dr. Hartman or Dr. Jenski may also schedule routine primary care (annual physicals or screening) as well as acute care (cold, flu, infection, etc.) with our Nurse Practitioner (Jodi Caddell).

Primary & Acute Care appointments are available to all members at no additional fee. (Appointments are subject to standard insurance rates and billing.)

IV Nutritional Therapy Is Now Available

Exclusively for RIFM Members

Advanced Body Composition Analysis

Richmond Integrative & Functional Medicine has added the InBody 570 Scanner to our biometric resources, allowing us to expand our standard of care. We will begin offering body composition scanning and analysis to RIFM members, at no additional cost.*

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Protecting Your Mind

Essential Strategies to Combat Alzheimer’s Disease

As the prevalence of Alzheimer’s continues to rise, understanding the disease and how to prevent it becomes increasingly crucial.

Creating a Healing Journey

Curating the Patient Experience at RIFM

I recently interviewed my wife and Co-CEO, Becky Hartman. Becky has been instrumental in shaping the patient experience at our clinic, and in our conversation, we delved into the intricacies of what makes our approach unique and effective.

Man cooking a healthy meal at home

Coach's Corner

Cooking as Self-Care

The Case for Cooking at Home

When you think of self-care what comes to mind? Do you imagine a bubble bath, yoga, or a beach vacation? How do you define self-care?

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