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You Were Made For Health

But it’s hard to harness your body’s remarkable power to heal when you’re dealing with:

  • A Broken Healthcare System
  • Unresolved Health Issues
  • Misinformation
  • Feeling Isolated & Unsupported
  • Confusion Over Next Steps
  • Misdiagnosis

You Deserve A Clear Roadmap to

Feel Healthy And Hopeful Again

Many of us suffer from significant health issues, but aren’t sure what to do about them. It’s especially frustrating when you’ve done the research, or seen the specialists, and feel even more confused and alone. That’s where Richmond Integrative & Functional Medicine comes in. Located in Richmond, Virgina, we’ve been helping people since 2010 to restore their health and hope with an integrative approach to conventional and alternative medicine that’s entirely science-backed. We believe everyone is made for health. Our online membership community is designed to bring all our expertise straight to your fingertips, so you can make empowered decisions with ease, wherever you are. Because you deserve to experience the vibrant life you were made for.

Two Distinct and Powerful Ways We Help You

Experience Whole-Body Health

Coaching &

Online Community

Online Coaching

Get Answers And An Advocate

Cut through the noise of misinformation and get a clear roadmap to health with our live coaching calls, online courses and a thriving community.

  • Physician-Led Coaching Calls
  • Interactive Online Courses
  • Thriving Online Community

In-Person Patient


In-Person Membership

Get A Personalized Plan

You shouldn’t suffer because the healthcare system is broken. Our patient membership program ensures you get access to the care you need to thrive.

  • Whole-Body Health Analysis
  • Expanded Treatment Options
  • Integrative & Holistic Specialists

About Our Online Community Designed to

Achieve Whole-Person Health

Leverage conventional and alternative medicine to address the underlying causes of your health issues. We’re board-certified physicians who also understand the science behind ancient traditions like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine.

Functional medicine sits at the overlap between conventional and alternative medicine and offers an integrative approach to care that’s entirely science-backed.

Our Mission Is To Help You


  • Chronic Conditions
  • Sleep Disorders
  • GI Disorders
  • Chronic Pain
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

Relief And A Clear Plan To Thrive

Join Our Online Community Today to start your journey to Whole Body Health. You’ll have access to Physician-Led Coaching Calls, Interactive Online Courses, and a Thriving Online Community.

1. Join the Online Community

Become a member and get access to science-backed solutions, plus expert support.

2. Ask Questions & Get Answers

Understand the underlying cause of your condition, then create a clear roadmap to renewed health.

3. Restore Your Health & Your Hope

Experience the vibrant life you were made for, with a community to support you every step of the way

You Were Made For Health 


Don’t waste another minute suffering alone.

Get access to science-backed solutions and an advocate who is 100% in your corner.

"I have had a chronic illness for 45 years and for the first time, I have hope of finding the source of my chronic disease. In the past, I would just be prescribed medications that were intended to alleviate pain, but never addressed the source of my problem. Dr. Hartman is a master at using functional medicine to identify and address the root cause of my illness. I now have hope."


“This community helped me feel less alone, knowing there were others who understood what I was going through. It wasn't just a cold clinical class... This community is filled with real people dealing with real issues, along with practical suggestions from [the FTFM team] on what works and doesn't.”

E. H.

"I'm so thankful for the courageous members of this community and for Richmond Functional Medicine, for bringing this life changing medicine to the place it deserves to be - within the spirit of a community. We're getting a million messages that something is WRONG right now with our function and we need medicine that we haven't been able to find readily available in the usual spheres of help or have been prevented from tapping into because of limited finances. Now I've got the access to information and support I've been searching for."


"When my other doctors said, "I can't help you, find another doctor," I found Dr. Hartman. He has helped me go from nearly bed ridden to fully functional in a year, with a plan to get even better. He listens carefully, synthesizes all the info, does extensive testing, and based on test results and diverse symptoms, develops a plan for eating, lifestyle, supplements and minimal pharmaceuticals that has gradually helped me get my life back. He is thoughtful, kind, smart, responsive to inquiries, and actually, sort of fun. He is an amazing doctor, I couldn't recommend him and his staff more highly."


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Grab this free video series, where our very own Functional Medicine expert shares his secrets.

Health Starts Here With Richmond Integrative & Functional Medicine.

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