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Our patient membership program ensures you get access to the care you need to thrive.

Whole-Body Health Analysis

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Get 1:1 Attention and Advanced Care

You shouldn’t suffer because the healthcare system is broken.
We assess your underlying conditions, then design personalized treatment plans for whole-person health. Just imagine getting 90-120 minutes with your doctor for an initial intake, instead of 30-minutes or less.

A Patient Membership Program Designed To

Restore Your Health and Hope

Since 2010, we’ve been helping people achieve whole-person health with an integrative approach to conventional and alternative medicine that’s entirely science-backed.

Here’s How It works:

1. Become A Member
2. Get A Comprehensive Care Plan

3. Harness the Power of Functional Medicine to Heal

You don’t have to go it alone.

Get a clear roadmap to health and
an advocate in your corner.


Get Science-Backed Solutions To Start Thriving

Our in-person patient membership focuses on affordable care that includes:

Whole-Body Health Analysis

Our initial consultation includes an advanced health assessment to understand your whole health story.

Personalized Treatment Plans

After your initial consultation and test results, we’ll identify a plan to start healing that’s tailored to you.

Ongoing 1:1 Attention

Our initial consultation is 90-120 minutes, with ongoing care to monitor progress for at least a year.

To provide the highest standard of personalized care, we only accept 300 patients per physician.

"When my other doctors said, "I can't help you, find another doctor," I found Dr. Hartman. He has helped me go from nearly bed ridden to fully functional in a year, with a plan to get even better. He listens carefully, synthesizes all the info, does extensive testing, and based on test results and diverse symptoms, develops a plan for eating, lifestyle, supplements and minimal pharmaceuticals that has gradually helped me get my life back. He is thoughtful, kind, smart, responsive to inquiries, and actually, sort of fun. He is an amazing doctor, I couldn't recommend him and his staff more highly."



Functional Medicine For Full-Body Health

Our integrative approach to conventional and alternative medicine is 100% science-backed and covers:

Systems Biology & Functional Medicine

Our initial consultation is 90-120 minutes, and includes a comprehensive analysis of environmental, biological and psychological influences on your whole-body health.

Nutritional influences on genetic expression (nutrigenetics)

Discover how diet and nutrition affect your physical and psychological health, so you can create an evidence-based plan to eat for healing.

Nutritional influences on metabolic functions (metabolomics)

Learn how diet and nutrition affect your metabolic functions, and discover a science-backed plan to restore your health through food and/or herbal supplements.

Biometric Screening & Advanced Testing

This is performed during the initial intake and is individualized based on your personal history and current symptoms or concerns.

Psychological & mind-body influences on systems biology

Understand the mind-body connection and how one significantly influences the other. Get science-backed solutions to achieve whole-person health, inside and out.

Restoring your health and hope is 100% possible, with our science-backed solutions

Our entire approach is backed by the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, The American Board of Physician Specialties and The Institute for Functional Medicine.

STEP 3: Harness the Power of Functional Medicine To

Heal From The Inside Out

Get ongoing 1:1 attention and follow-up care to optimize your whole-body health plan.

Significant health issues don’t generally crop up overnight. They takes years to develop and requires time to address.

Our approach recognizes this.

Some patients will see significant progress in 3–6 months; more complex cases may take over a year to return to a state of optimal health and performance.

Our membership model ensures you get a clear roadmap to health and continued care, so that we can restore your health and hope, together.


How’s Our Membership Different?

Meet Your Whole-Person Health Advocates

We’re passionate about helping you heal with an integrative approach to conventional and alternative medicine.

Aaron Hartman, MD

Functional Medicine Specialist

Christian Jenski, MD

Functional Medicine Specialist

Rachel Martin



Relief And A
Clear Plan To Thrive

1. Become A Patient

Enroll in our patient membership program and complete your medical history intake.

2. Meet Your Functional Medicine Team

During your initial 90-120 minute consultation, We’ll conduct a complete health analysis.

3. Restore Your Health And Hope

Experience the vibrant life you were made for, with a community to support you every step of the way

You Were Made For Health


Don’t waste another minute suffering alone.

Get access to science-backed solutions and an advocate who is 100% in your corner.

"Where conventional medicine failed me, integrative and functional medicine finally provided me the help I desperately needed. I started going to RIFM with Dr. Christian Jenski. I had been to 7 other doctors, all of whom failed to help me or would tell me what I thought I had, didn't really exist... so the cycle of getting referred to someone else again and again with no real answers would have continued. I love the approach at Richmond Integrative and Functional Medicine. They believe in treating the root cause instead of the symptoms and that's important to me. I think it should be important to anyone who really wants to be healthy."


What’s Your Investment?

Initiation fee of $1970 + installments of $197/month for 11 months.

It’s Your Time To Thrive

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