You Were Made For Health

Get integrative, science-backed solutions and physician-led support to live the vibrant life you deserve.

Healing Starts Here

Too many of us suffer from significant health issues, but struggle to get the answers we need to heal.

Quality care is expensive or inaccessible

Our healthcare system is fractured

Medical science is always changing

It’s hard to get a whole-person perspective

You Deserve

A Complete Matrix of Care and An Advocate In Your Corner

Too many of us struggle with significant health issues, and are stuck without a clear path forward.

Worse still, we waste time chasing solutions that don’t work.

We’re on a mission to change that.

We offer an integrative approach to conventional and alternative medicine that’s entirely backed by science, so you can:


  • Make empowered decisions moving forward
  • Experience whole-person health
  • Understand your options


Take Control of Your Health

Don’t waste another second suffering alone, or second-guessing your next steps.

You were made for health.

It’s time to start a new chapter of your life with renewed hoped and restored health.

My own journey with Functional Medicine actually started with our first daughter, who we took in as a foster child, then adopted.

She has cerebral palsy and countless dietary issues.
We went to specialist after specialist, and even as a physician I felt let down and confused.

My daughter’s health struggles forced me to confront an uncomfortable realization:

Our current health care system doesn’t have all the answers.

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    My wife, a brilliant–and very stubborn–occupational therapist refused to give up hope.

    She ultimately pointed me towards functional medicine.

    Our daughter and two other children thrived.
    After years in family practice, I felt called to make a dramatic shift.

    I had to do something, for my own family’s health and for anyone who has suffered unnecessarily from a system that fails to support whole-person health.

    The human body is infinitely complex. Functional medicine caters to this complexity.

    We listen, to your whole health story, then help you apply data-driven solutions to start healing.

    That means seeing you as the individual, looking at your home and your environment, your diet, your daily habits, and your health history. Then, we help you identify leverage points in key areas to restore health and wellness. The root of the word doctor is from the Latin word docere, meaning “to teach”.

    We’re doctors and medical science scholars (okay, total nerds), who are here to teach you solutions, not just treat symptoms. So you can harness your body’s remarkable power to heal and start living the vibrant life you deserve.

    Where conventional medicine failed me, integrative and functional medicine finally provided me the help I desperately needed. I had been to multiple doctors, all of whom failed to help me or would tell me what I thought I had didn't really exist. Then I found Dr. Jenski. I love the approach at RIFM. They believe in treating the root cause instead of the symptoms. It changed my life.


    Meet Your Health Advocates

    We’re passionate about helping you heal with an integrative approach to conventional and alternative medicine.

    Aaron Hartman, MD

    Christian Jenski, MD

    Rebekah Hartman
    MS, OT


    Rachel Martin

    Stop Struggling, Start Thriving

    If you’re 100% committed to restoring your health–no excuses, just science-backed healing– let’s do this. 4 Simple Ways You Can Restore Your Health and Hope


    Relief And A
    Clear Plan To Thrive

    1. Join the Online Community

    Become a member and get access to science-backed solutions, plus expert support.

    2. Ask Questions & Get Answers

    Understand the underlying cause of your condition, then create a clear roadmap to renewed health.

    3. Restore Your Health & Your Hope

    Experience the vibrant life you were made for, with a community to support you every step of the way

    It’s Your Time To Thrive

    When you join our community, you’ll always have an advocate who is 100% in your corner, with science-backed solutions. No more second-guessing, or living in struggle mode.

    Healing Starts Here.

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