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Free Micro-Courses

Dr. Hartman guides you through foundational health topics in simple, 1–2 minute videos.

Dr. Hartman walks through the “Homes for Health” guidelines produced by the Harvard School of Public Health, guiding you through critical steps to ensure your home is supporting the health of your whole family.

What is “real food” and why does it matter?

Dr. Hartman shares how eating real food can accelerate your health and help eliminate chronic illnesses.

Functional medicine focuses on the foundations of good healthcare such as eating real food, staying active, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress. Take control of your health by building strong foundations.

Ready to Go Deeper?

Connected Health


Online courses ... but so much more.
Guidance on your journey to health & hope.

The Connected Path

Exploring the Opportunities & Challenges of the Hypermobility Spectrum.

ConnectedHealth: Gut

A Six-Week Guided Journey to a Renewed Gut.


ConnectedHealth: Stress

Taking Charge of Your Mind-Body Connection.


ConnectedHealth: Sleep

Unlearning Insomnia & Rediscovering Your Circadian Rhythm.