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Welcome to Richmond Integrative & Functional Medicine!

Please read the following page carefully. It will serve as a guide to help us make your consultation and care here as efficient and productive as possible. It will also guide you through the necessary preparation prior to your initial evaluation. We value your time and the following will help to maximize your time here in our office.

Educational Resources

Healthcare Can Be Confusing Educate Yourself with these Valuable Resources

Because the goals of integrative medicine and functional medicine differ from those of conventional medicine in several important ways, it’s crucial to understand our unique approach to care at Richmond Integrative & Functional Medicine.

The following articles should ensure we’re aligned on goals and approach.

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  • FM Primer

Our Services Discover How We Help

It’s hard to define all that Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine encompass. Below are a few of the services that are offered at Richmond Integrative & Functional Medicine.

Comprehensive Systems Biology & Functional Medicine Intake Exam

Available For Both:

  • Functional Primary Care
  • Advanced Functional Medicine

A Functional Matrix evaluation will be included in your initial examination, which will last 60–90 minutes. This includes an assessment of environmental factors on genetic expression, nutritional influences on genetic expression (nutrigenetics), nutritional influences on metabolic processes (nutrigenomics), metabolic derangements resulting in system failures (metabolomics), transgenerational influences on gene expression, psychological and mind-body impacts on systems biology functions and genetics as well as, if applicable, a personalized genetic evaluation. A treatment plan will be developed for you, which includes a customized nutraceutical, dietary, and if necessary an evidence-based herbal therapy based on your needs.

These will all be in accordance with the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, The American Board of Physician Specialties, and The Institute for Functional Medicine.

Biometric Screening

Available For Both:

  • Functional Primary Care
  • Advanced Functional Medicine

This is performed during the initial intake of every patient and include but is not limited to Biomarker Analysis and interpretation, peripheral circulatory evaluations utilizing vascular reactivity analysis, and functional nutritional evaluations.

Advanced Testing

Available For Only:

  • Advanced Functional Medicine

Metabolic and Organic Acid Analysis, Genetic, Toxicological and Functional Medicine Testing and lab analysis; as appropriate. This testing interpretation requires advanced medical training and at times lab interpretation can involve specialty consultations with other subspecialists in the field. These costs* including time and resources are included in the program.

*Lab testing costs will be negotiated by your insurance provider, and RIFM cannot act as your representative in this process. For further information, please review the FAQ: “Does my insurance pay for labs?”

Extended Appointments

Available For Both:

  • Functional Primary Care
  • Advanced Functional Medicine

After being accepted into RIFM, your first intake appointment will be 60–120 minutes long. All subsequent appointments will be scheduled for 30–45 minutes.

Due to the intensive and time-consuming nature of Functional & Integrative Medicine, RIFM agrees to limit the size of its panel for Integrative and Functional Medicine to no more than 350 patients per designated medical provider.

Membership Pricing Become a Member to Gain Access to our Services

At RIFM, we offer access to integrative and functional medicine services through a membership program. Unfortunately, these services are not currently covered by most insurance plans or Medicare. We have chosen a membership model as the best way to provide access to these services. A full description of our reasoning for our policy can be found here.

Your insurance will typically provide for standard labs, X-rays, CT scans, standard evaluation and management procedures (typical office visits)  that will be provided in addition to your comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan. The fee structure for the available memberships are as follows:

Individual Membership

Functional Primary Care

$2,120 for the Initial Term (One Year),
Which Includes:

  1. A non-refundable, one-time induction fee of $800 covering the intake and first month of membership.
  2. A fee of $120.00 per month for the remainder of the Term. The first monthly fee shall be paid after the member’s initial consultation and then no later than the 10th of the month for the remainder of the Term.
Individual Membership

Advanced Functional Medicine

$4,837 for the Initial Term (One Year),
Which Includes:

  1. A non-refundable initial membership induction fee of $2,670. The initial $1,335 shall be paid upon execution of this Agreement and the remaining $1,335 of the induction fee shall be due and payable at Member’s initial consultation
  2. A fee of $197.00 per month for the remainder of the Term. The first monthly fee shall be paid after the member’s initial consultation and then no later than the 10th of the month for the remainder of the Term.
Family Memberships

Couples & Families

Additional family members will receive a 25% discount on their one-time, intake fee (for both Functional Primary Care and Advanced Functional Medicine).

Following the initial term of the intake fee and 11 payments, membership may be canceled at any time with written notice. The membership will be canceled on the following monthly cycle. Otherwise, the membership contract will renew on a monthly basis unless terminated by either party.

Enrollment Process Becoming a Member: Step-By-Step

There are numerous ways to apply the concepts of Functional & Integrative Medicine to an individual patient. Below is a summary of how we typically approach a patient. Every individual will be different but the basic approach is consistent.

RIFM Number 1
Step One

Apply to Become a Member

The first step in our process is to fill out a member application. If approved, you will provide your basic contact information, insurance information, and payment information. You will pay an initial deposit (amounting to 50% of the intake fee). All patients sign up using the same process. Actual charges will depend upon your specific membership plan or requested services.

Click here for an explanation for our membership policy.

Step Two


2.1 Medical History

All new patients will receive an email about Biocanic — our digital intake application — containing a personalized link to your initial “paperwork.” Click the link and choose a personal password (at least 8 characters in length). Click “Update Password” and begin entering all patient demographic information. After submitting your demographic information, you’ll be taken to the dashboard, which lists the forms you will need to complete before your appointment.

We will review your intake documents to get a general feel for potential issues and areas for special concentration.

2.2 Scheduling

Once you have registered, we will request that you fill out all of your medical history forms through Biocanic. We will need all this information prior to your initial visit. Your appointment will be scheduled at least two weeks out in order to give you time to fill these out and for us to adequately review your history prior to your consultation.

In order to schedule your initial visit we will need to collect a deposit of $985 to secure the appointment time. This will be credited toward the induction fee.

RIFM Number 2
RIFM Number 3
Step Three

Initial Visit

3.1 Administrative Paperwork

When you arrive for your visit you will need to fill out the usual and customary administrative paperwork for our practice. This will take around 30 minutes to complete. Please arrive at least 30 minute prior to your appointment to allow time for this and not distract from your medical appointment time.

At the time of your appointment, you will be brought back by one of our nurses to review your admin paperwork and collect the remainder of your membership induction fee. Please be sure to bring all your old medical records with you as well as old lab testing.

3.2 Vitals & Initial Testing

You will then have your vital signs taken as well as advanced biometric testing, vascular testing, body impedance testing and a body composition analysis prior to seeing the doctor. This testing is not covered by insurance but is included as part of your membership benefits.

3.3 Medical Review

You will have an extended visit with Dr. Hartman during which time he will review all the above information and evaluate you based on the Functional Medicine Matrix. This is used in combination with your Functional Time Line to begin unraveling the many layers involved with your biological systems.

Based on your evaluation, additional validated forms and intake questionnaires may be utilized to help us in our discovery process.

3.5 Labs & Testing

You will have a panel of labs, procedures and testing done that will be billed under your insurance. These are standard procedures and covered by your insurance plan. Depending on your personal evaluation you may have multiple advance laboratory panels performed as well. These tests may take up to a month to return due to their specialized nature. Your total time in the clinic may be up to three hours depending on your health situation.

Step Four


More complex patients will require close follow-up and reevaluations based on your response to therapy and results of testing. This could be monthly, bimonthly or trimonthly depending on your health condition.

Once your initial testing has returned, you will first receive an email with results and then a follow-up phone call or office visit to review them. After this, your follow-up will depend on your individualized care plan.

Chronic disease does not crop up overnight. It takes years to develop and requires time to address. Our program recognizes this and provides time to work on it. Some patients will see significant progress in 3–6 months; more complex cases may take over a year to return to a state of optimal health and performance. Our membership model addresses this reality in a way that makes you a member of your own healthcare team committed to your health and wellness.

RIFM Number 4

Membership Comparison

Functional Primary Care
Primary Care + Standard Functional Medicine

$2,120 First Year
  • Access to Primary & Acute Care:
    Schedule with N.P. (24–48 hrs response, weekdays)
  • Primary Care Provider:
    Jodi Caddell, CFNP
  • Intake: 60 min.
  • Follow-Up: 30 min. Quarterly
    (Plus primary care appointments as needed)
  • Initial Lab Testing1
  • Advanced Lab Testing1
  • Extended patient case based research
  • Consultation with other functional specialists
  • Referrals
  • Intake (One-Time): $800
  • Monthly: $120

Advanced Functional Medicine
Functional Medicine + Advanced Integrative Therapies

$4,837 First Year
  • Access to Primary & Acute Care:
    Schedule with N.P. (24–48 hrs response, weekdays)
  • Functional Medicine Specialist:
    Aaron Hartman, MD or Christian Jenski, MD
  • Intake: 120 min.
  • Follow-Up: 30–45 min. Every 8–12 weeks
    (Plus primary care appointments as needed)
  • Initial Lab Testing1
  • Advanced Lab Testing1
  • Extended patient case-based research
  • Consultation with other functional specialists
  • Referrals (via functional N.P.)
  • Intake (One-Time): $2,670
  • Monthly: $197
  1. Lab Testing is billed separately. Please read our FAQ: “Does Insurance Pay for My Labs?” Your membership level includes medical providers who understand which labs to order and how to appropriately analyze the results.