Health Impact of the Bridge Disaster

April 4, 2024

In addition to the tragic loss of life, the bridge disaster outside of Baltimore poses a significant health risk.

The boat was carrying toxic waste materials, and the crash released toxins into the river. The exact amount is unknown (or at least not yet public) but the toxicity levels have prevented divers from investigating the situation.

The river is a major inlet to the northern part of Chesapeake Bay, which is a significant source of seafood to our country (and especially those of us along the east coast). The bay already faces issues with pesticide and chemical runoff, and the dump of toxic waste could further impact seafood quality. The products and contamination levels are currently unknown, raising concerns about potential effects on seafood across the US.

We urge the media for more information. Further updates will be provided here as more information becomes available.

News Links

Here are a few news stories covering the health and environmental impact of the crash.

EPA Statement on the Collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge

Washington Post: What we know and don’t know about pollution from the Key Bridge collapse

AP: Activists watch for potential impact on environment as Key Bridge cleanup unfolds


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