Medical Misinformation | Part 2

Top 10 Myths About Mold

Dr. Aaron Hartman

April 22, 2024

Top 10 Myths About Mold (2)

    Because I see so many patients affected by mold toxicity, and I hear so much confusion, I’d like to clear the air (literally and metaphorically) by dispelling the top 10 myths I hear surrounding mold-related illness.

    Mold Myths


    Understanding and addressing mold-related health concerns requires a nuanced approach beyond common misconceptions. Armed with the correct information, such as recognizing the broader spectrum of toxins in water-damaged environments and implementing appropriate diagnostic methods, you can manage and mitigate the impacts of mold exposure. Remember, proactive measures, comprehensive testing, and informed remediation are your best tools in maintaining a healthy living environment.

    Go Deeper

    I’ve linked to several resources throughout the myths above, but we’ve collected all of our resources on Mold & CIRS here: