GLP-1 Breakthrough

Revolutionary New Probiotic Promotes Weight-Loss Naturally

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Dr. Aaron Hartman

April 2, 2024

GLP-1 Breakthrough

    Have you ever thought that the secret to weight loss could literally be living inside you?

    What if I told you that obesity can be transferred from one individual to another?

    The Science Behind the Solution

    Recent studies with mice unveiled a fascinating insight. The study began with (genetically identical) twins but one overweight and one slender. Gut bacteria transferred from the slender twin into overweight mice caused the overweight mice to become slender. The opposite was also true: gut bacteria from the overweight twin caused slender mice to become overweight. To the researchers great surprise, the bacteria in the gut of these mice could cause them to go from fat to skinny and vice versa. The metabolism of these mice could literally be transplanted through gut bacteria.

    This discovery paved the way for the development of GLP-1 medications, widely used in diabetes treatment and now hailed for their weight loss benefits. You’ve probably heard of Ozempic, Wegovy, Trulicity, Byetta, or Victoza. However, these treatments typically involve injecting a synthetic form of the GLP-1 peptide into our bodies. But can we achieve similar results, naturally?

    The answer is a resounding: yes!

    Specific strains of gut bacteria, including Akkermansia, Faecalibacterium, and Bifidobacterium infantis, create metabolic chemicals that regulate your gut lining and gut health. These molecules also stimulate your gut lining to produce GLP-1 peptides. This is how healthy bacteria in your gut (with adequate fiber) help to regulate your weight. Past studies have shown that certain probiotics and fibers encouraged weight loss, but we didn’t necessarily know why. We now understand the mechanics of how and why. And in the span of a few years, this breakthrough science has become accessible to the average person, first through synthetic injections, and now in the form of a simple and natural probiotic.

    But why is such a solution necessary?

    The Science Behind the Problem

    Modern diets overloaded with antibiotics and chemicals disrupt our natural gut flora. Over 80% of all antibiotic use in our country is in the agricultural sphere. Our food system is full of antibiotics. Anti-microbial chemicals like glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) also filter into our food. Consequently, we are all exposed to antibiotic-like molecules and anti-microbials on a daily basis, contributing significantly to an accelerating epidemic of obesity in our country.

    How can you, personally, reverse this alarming trend?

    Harness the Power of Your Gut

    This article has been prompted by a first-of-its kind probiotic that naturally mimics the behavior of popular medications utilizing synthetic GLP-1. Actually, it’s more accurate to say those medications mimic the behavior of the probiotic. But we can take it a step further, because the probiotic is mimicking the behavior of a healthy gut … and it’s entirely possible to unlock that power without any third-party interventions.

    3 Critical Steps

    1. Remove Toxins from Your Diet and Environment.

      The first step is to remove your toxic exposure. Eat real, organic food. Remove (or limit) household and cleaning chemicals from your environment.

    2. Increase Your “Pre-biotics.”

      The next step is increase your “pre-biotics,” the fiber and polyphenols needed to feed healthy bacteria in your gut. Aim for 40–60 grams of fiber per day from organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds – not processed grains. Then, add phytonutrients — colorful foods rich in polyphenols (e.g. cranberry, pomegranate, grapes, green tea).

    3. Add Healthy Bacteria.

      Increase your healthy gut bacteria through fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchee, and kombucha. If you’re unable to integrate these probiotics in your diet, the next best option is to introduce a probiotic supplement.

    Achieving the right balance in today’s food landscape can be challenging, which is why the GLP-1 probiotic, coupled with a polyphenol boost, represents a significant step forward. It’s a way to bring cutting-edge science directly to your doorstep, offering a functional and accessible solution to weight management and overall health improvement.

    The Next Step in Your Transformation

    If you’re ready to add healthy probiotics to your diet and need a simple source, we offer the breakthrough GLP-1 Probiotic with Polyphonal Boost from Pendulum.

    Product image of GLP-1 probiotic from Pendulum

    Your body holds the key to weight loss, and with the GLP-1 probiotic, unlocking that potential has never been easier. Don’t wait to take control of your health. Add the healthy bacteria you need … whether through diet or this natural probiotic supplement.

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