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GLP-1 Breakthrough

GLP-1 Breakthrough

Have you ever thought that the secret to weight loss could literally be living inside you? Discover the science behind the solution to metabolism.


DHEA: Fountain of Youth or Phony?

DHEA is commonly associated with anti-aging. It is prescribed for reproductive health. Supplements are marketed for aging skin, depression, infertility, muscle strength, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, and many other conditions. Is there any good evidence for these uses? Is DHEA a fountain of youth … or a phony? It depends on how you think about…


Testosterone & Women’s Health

We often associate testosterone with men’s health, but it’s crucial for women’s health and sometimes overlooked as a therapeutic option in treating women’s hormone issues.


Progesterone: The Elder Sister

When I began studying medicine in 1996, I was told that after a woman had a hysterectomy or went through menopause she no longer needed progesterone. It was thought that estrogen was the only important sex hormone for women. We now know that to be antiquated thinking; progesterone is a key hormone with many functions…


Estrogen: The Younger Sister

There are over 400 critical functions in the body involving estrogen! We need estrogen and tend to feel that powerfully when it’s lacking…


Thyroid: The Conductor of Your Hormone Symphony

For all your hormones to play in harmony, they need to pay attention to the conductor of the symphony. That conductor is your thyroid.


Insulin: the Keeper of the Metabolic Keys

We’re diving into the sticky world of insulin resistance and how it silently plucks the strings of our well-being.


Cortisol: The King of All Hormones

The monarch of our hormonal hierarchy, cortisol, is an unsung hero when it’s in balance, but when it’s out of whack? It can turn your body into a realm of chaos.


The Hormone Hierarchy

The hormone hierarchy allows us to address the preceding factors first — those that affect other hormones beneath them in the hierarchy.


Hormone SERIES Elevated Thyroid 4 of 4

How common are elevated thyroid levels and what can you do about it?   While Graves disease does cause elevated thyroid levels, most cases of excessive thyroid hormone that I see are induced by medications or supplements. In Graves disease, your body creates a thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin (TSI) that causes excessive thyroid symptoms. However, In…


Hormone SERIES Thyroid 3 of 4: Low Thyroid Function(Hypothyroidism)

Thyroid Deficiency: The Epidemic Among Us Low thyroid function, also known as hypothyroidism, is incredibly common and becoming more and more prevalent. About 4% of the population currently has hypothyroidism as defined by elevated Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) levels. But once you realize the nuances of subclinical and functional hyperthyroidism, the true picture is that…


Hormone SERIES Thyroid 2 of 4: Thyroid Testing

As we discussed last week, the thyroid is the master regulator of our bodies. Since thyroid dysregulation can cause such a broad range of symptoms, it’s critical to adequately test to get a full picture of thyroid function. Today we’re going to take a deep dive into thyroid testing and its nuances.   There are…


Hormone SERIES Thyroid 1 of 4: Your Body’s Master Regulator

Your thyroid is the maestro of your hormone symphony; it is the master regulator of your body.   Could your symptoms be due to a thyroid imbalance? Why are thyroid symptoms so varied and all-encompassing? Why does it seem that an underactive thyroid can cause just about any symptom? We’ll discuss these topics and more…


Hormone Series Insulin 1 of 3: Introducing Insulin and Insulin Resistance

Insulin is one of the top three hormones in the hormone hierarchy that affect all other hormones. The other hormones at the top of the hierarchy are cortisol (adrenal hormones) and thyroid hormones. These are the most important hormones that are absolutely required for life and they affect all the hormones in our body.  …