Micro Courses | Part 2

Real Food Diaries

Transform Your Health with a Bite of Insight

Dr. Aaron Hartman

January 16, 2024

Real Food Diaries
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    In my last article, I introduced you to a new micro-course, “Creating a Healthy Home.” Today, I’m excited to introduce another free micro-course: “Real Food Diaries.” This series includes seven short videos navigating the concept of eating real food.

    80% of chronic illnesses are linked to processed food consumption.

    The flip side of that statistic is that 80% of chronic illnesses could be solved by eating real food.

    But what is real food? If you’re new to eating clean, real food … it can be overwhelming and stressful to make changes to your food. I don’t want you to be stressed (another major culprit in chronic illness). In the “Real Food Diaries,” I condense a lot of learning into seven quick videos adding up to only about 20 minutes.

    If you’re looking for a stress-free introduction to real food. This micro-course is for you.

    What’s Inside “Real Food Diaries?”

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    This micro-course covers:

    The Essence of Real Food: Explore the alarming reality of processed foods and how real, nutrient-dense food can be your health fortress.

    Food as Information: Discover the fascinating science of microRNA from plants and how the colors and components in food communicate with your body.

    The Truth About Real Vegetables: Unearth the importance of consuming vegetables grown in living soil and the detrimental effects of modern agricultural practices.

    Decoding Real Meat: Learn about the impact of an animal’s diet on the meat’s nutritional value and the significance of choosing grass-fed, pasture-raised options.

    The Reality of Real Milk: Understand the differences between commercial and raw milk and how the latter is a powerhouse of essential bacteria and nutrients.

    The Benefits of Real Fat: Overturn the misconceptions about fat and cholesterol and embrace the necessity of balanced, natural fats in your diet.

    Starting Simple: Practical advice to initiate your journey towards real food, emphasizing gradual, stress-free changes for lasting health benefits.

    Why Join “Real Food Diaries”?

    By participating in “Real Food Diaries,” you’re not just watching videos; you’re embarking on a transformative personal journey. You’ll gain insight into the critical role food plays, not just as a fuel but as a communicator to your body’s deepest systems. I’ll guide you through understanding your food’s origin, its profound effects, and how simple, mindful changes can lead to monumental health benefits.

    Embrace the Real Food Movement

    It’s time to redefine your relationship with food. Start your path toward a vibrant, informed, and healthful life. Together, we’ll explore the truths, debunk the myths, and empower you with knowledge to make informed decisions about what you eat.

    Start Your Journey Today

    Together, let’s embrace the power of real food and unlock a healthier, more vibrant you. See you there!


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