Micro Courses | Part 1

Creating a Healthy Home

Transform Your Home Into a Safe Haven

Dr. Aaron Hartman

January 9, 2024

The street is filled with houses and beautiful trees during the fall season
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    You spend 65% of your life inside your home. In fact, a full third of your life is spent in one single room – your bedroom.

    Your home = your health. It’s that simple.

    Unfortunately, the environment we surround ourselves with often harbors hidden dangers to our health.

    Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health has created a valuable resource: Homes for Health: 36 Expert Tips to Make Your Home a Healthier Home.

    It’s a fantastic resource that I encourage you to review. Admittedly, it’s also a lot to take in. That’s why we’ve put together an exciting resource I want to commend to you. I’ve created a free micro-course, “Creating a Healthy Home,” that guides you through the most important solutions outlined in the Harvard document.

    What You’ll Discover

    In just 11 short videos, each spanning 1–3 minutes, I’ll walk you through specific aspects of your home, providing insights and practical advice to transform it into a health-enhancing environment. Here’s a glimpse of what I’ll cover:

    • Healthy Air: I’ll share strategies to enhance the air quality in your home, vital for your family’s health.
    • Dust & Pests: Learn how to minimize these common irritants that can undermine your home’s health.
    • Natural & Artificial Light: I’ll explain the critical role light plays in your health and how to optimize it in your living space.
    • Clean Water: Discover the unseen dangers in your water and how to ensure it supports, rather than compromises, your health.
    • Chemical Storage: I’ll guide you on how to store household chemicals safely and suggest healthier alternatives.

    I’ll also venture into specific rooms like the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room — each with its unique challenges and solutions.

    Your Personal Invitation

    This course is more than just a series of videos; it’s a personal invitation from me to you to take a step towards a healthier life. I’ve condensed my expertise and passion into each lesson, ensuring that you receive practical, life-enhancing information that’s easy to understand and implement.

    I’m excited to guide you through each step of this journey. By enrolling in “Creating a Healthy Home,” you’re not just learning; you’re taking action towards a healthier, happier life for yourself and your loved ones. So join me in this transformative experience, and let’s turn your home into a haven of health together.

    Click through to enroll in this free micro-course today, and let’s embark on this journey to wellness, one room at a time.


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