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Detox Part 3: Advanced Detoxification

Curious about my go-to detoxification tools for patients? Explore advanced strategies and special considerations for detoxification.

Different vegetables with vibrant colors

8 Ways to Kick Cravings

Do you struggle with cravings and find it difficult to avoid the processed foods that are keeping you stuck in your health journey? You’re not alone.

Man cooking a healthy meal at home

Cooking as Self-Care: The Case for Cooking at Home

When you think of self-care what comes to mind? Do you imagine a bubble bath, yoga, or a beach vacation? How do you define self-care?


Overcoming IBS

If you’re struggling with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or gastrointestinal (GI) issues, please know that you’re not alone. 10 – 15% of the population has IBS, and GI complaints are one of the major reasons people go to their primary care doctor.


Prevent Heart Disease with Food

Over the last several years, we seem to have lost sight of the most common killer in our country.     Heart disease, also known as cardiovascular disease, accounts for almost 660,000 deaths in America every year. Heart disease has been the number one killer in our nation for over 50 years. Unfortunately, heart attacks…

Different fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber

The Fiber Fix: Using Fiber to Enhance Weight Loss, Heart Health, Blood Sugar Management, and Brain Function with Real Food

Fiber is finally getting the attention it deserves thanks to what we’ve learned about metabolism, lipid management, the gut microbiome, and even brain health.


Insulin: the Keeper of the Metabolic Keys

We’re diving into the sticky world of insulin resistance and how it silently plucks the strings of our well-being.

Girl eating healthy food

New Resource: The Foundations of Functional Medicine

Our newest micro-course explores the timeless health principles that can transform your life!

Real Food Diaries

New Resource: Real Food Diaries

Discover the transformative power of eating real food in our FREE micro-course. Say goodbye to processed foods and hello to a healthier you!

Alarm clock on top of a white plate

The Power of Fasting

Fasting is more than just a health trend. If you’ve heard whispers about the transformative power of fasting but haven’t yet ventured into this realm, now is the perfect time to explore the ancient wisdom and modern science of fasting.

Man and Woman cooking in the kitchen with colorful vegetables and fruits

Food & Mood: Take Control of Your Mental Health

Mood disorders like anxiety and depression are increasing. But understanding the critical link between food and mood can empower you to take back control of your mental health.

Protein Powder

Protein & Collagen

When you purchase protein powder or collagen, you expect it to support your health. But you have to be wise.

Vitamin D Soft Gel Capsule

If You Only Take One Supplement, It Should Be Vitamin D.

Unfortunately, this is the time of year when we most need vitamin D, and our bodies are least able to produce it.

Demystifying CBD & THC

Demystifying CBD & THC

I often receive questions about CBD & THC. What are the benefits and risks? How can you find a safe and effective product? Are they right for you?