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Restore Your Health And Hope

Living your best life is tough when you’re struggling with a significant health issue. Stop trying to figure it out it all on your own.

 An Online Community Designed To Help You

Create A Clear Roadmap To Whole-Body Health

Join Our Online Community Today to start your journey to Whole Body Health. You’ll have access to Physician-Led Coaching Calls, Interactive Online Courses, and a Thriving Online Community.

Whole-Body Health?

It starts with understanding your whole health story.

The problem is, our current healthcare system makes this almost impossible.

It’s fractured, expensive, and inaccessible for many people.

Too often, patients end up with more questions than answers.

We’re here to change that.

The Full-Thrive Functional Medicine™ community is designed to give you a holistic, integrative, whole-person perspective on your health, so you can stop suffering and start healing.

You were made for health

Get Science-Backed Solutions To Start Thriving

Physician-led courses and community focused on:


Understand your whole health story, then identify a plan to start healing with all our expertise, at your fingertips.


Stop struggling on your own and start healing with a whole community to support you at every step.


Get your questions answered with physician-led Q&A’s and group coaching calls, and make empowered decisions about your health.

Richmond Integrative & Functional Medicine Is

 Helping to Change Lives

"I'm so thankful for the courageous members of this community and for Richmond Functional Medicine, for bringing this life changing medicine to the place it deserves to be - within the spirit of a community. We're getting a million messages that something is WRONG right now with our function and we need medicine that we haven't been able to find readily available in the usual spheres of help or have been prevented from tapping into because of limited finances. Now I've got the access to information and support I've been searching for."


There Is Too Much Confusion around Healthcare Today

We Want to Help You Gain Clarity

What is functional medicine anyway? And how can it restore your health?

Get everything you need to

Make Empowered Decisions About Your Health

Become a Full Thrive Functional Medicine member and get access to courses, community and coaching.

Online Courses

Get access to our online course library, which we continually add to:

  • Roadmap to Resilience
  • Combating Inflammation
  • Addressing Gut Health
  • Chronic Health Conditions
  • Longevity

Online Community

Connect with other members, share solutions, and get support:

  • Weekly live discussions
  • Members-only forum
  • Virtual Book Clubs
  • Live events
  • Onging updates


Get your questions answered without expensive consults:

  • Monthly Q&A’s
  • Monthly group coaching
  • Guest experts
  • Live workshops

Restoring your health and hope is 100% possible, with our science-backed solutions

Courses + Community + Coaching

This Membership Is Perfect for You If

You Are Tired of Dealing with Healthcare Problems Such As:

You’re ready to cut through the sea of misinformation and get clarity around your health issues.

Limited Options
You’re open to alternative approaches, as long as they’re science-backed and proven to help you heal.

Broken System
You’re tired of the revolving door of specialists, and want to make empowered choices about your health.

Leverage our expertise to

Restore Your Health

Anyone can restore their health and hope with the right solutions and support.
The Full-Thrive Functional Medicine™ online community is designed to help you achieve whole-person health.

Meet Your Health Advocates

We’re passionate about helping you heal with an integrative approach to conventional and alternative medicine.

Aaron Hartman, MD

Dr. Hartman is Board certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine, and certified in Functional Medicine. He opened Richmond Integrative & Functional Medicine in 2017. His mission at RIFM is to apply the sum total of his scientific research, medical knowledge, clinical experience and continuing studies to his patients in an individualized manner.
This community was born out of an effort to reach more people with help & hope.

Hartman MS, OT

Becky is an Occupational Therapist who has worked with individuals with rare and challenging diagnoses, helping them and their families navigate the uncertainty, fear, lack of support and answers for their family member’s health and future. When Aaron and Becky adopted their oldest daughter (a former patient), they began to realize that our current health care system doesn’t have all the answers… and their pursuit of functional medicine began.

Rachel Martin, CFNP

Rachel is a Family Nurse Practitioner who has also pursued Functional Medicine Training through the IFM. She is passionate about the power of coaching and how simple diet and lifestyle changes can have major life impacts. Combining these three leverage points, she’s been able to change the trajectory of her patients’ health as well as apply it to herself and her family.


Relief And A
Clear Plan To Thrive

Join Our Online Community Today to start your journey to Whole Body Health. You’ll have access to Physician-Led Coaching Calls, Interactive Online Courses, and a Thriving Online Community.

1. Join the Online Community

Become a member and get access to science-backed solutions, plus expert support.

2. Ask Questions & Get Answers

Understand the underlying cause of your condition, then create a clear roadmap to renewed health.

3. Restore Your Health & Your Hope

Experience the vibrant life you were made for, with a community to support you every step of the way

You Were Made For Health


Don’t waste another minute suffering alone.

Get access to science-backed solutions and an advocate who is 100% in your corner.

“This community helped me feel less alone, knowing there were others who understood what I was going through. It wasn't just a cold clinical class... This community is filled with real people dealing with real issues, along with practical suggestions from [the FTFM team] on what works and doesn't.”


What’s Your Investment?

The Full-Thrive Functional Medicine community is only $49/month

Or $490/year…like getting TWO months free!

It’s Your Time To Thrive.

Healing Starts Here.

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