All About Herbals: Hibiscus

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Dr. Aaron Hartman

March 7, 2023

All About Herbals Hibiscus

The Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

My son, Khalil, loves hibiscus tea and it’s saving his life.

Now, I know that sounds like a crazy statement. We talk about food as medicine, but can an herbal tea actually have such incredible healing properties?

Today I’d like to do something a little different. This post is the first in a series on herbals I’ll share over the next couple of months.

I’ll share some of the teas that my kids love and that we use at home. Our kids’ daily enjoyment of tea is actually preventing cancer, heart disease, helping their immune system, and providing many more health benefits.

Hibiscus tea has been used for centuries in many cultures around the world and provides wonderful restorative properties to those who drink it. In this post, I’ll explore the amazing medicinal powers of hibiscus, which is the tea Khalil chose to share with everyone since it’s one of his favorites.


All About Herbals Hibiscus


Breast Cancer

Have you ever wondered what the science is behind hibiscus tea? Well, recent research published in PubMed shows us that it has remarkable cancer-fighting and chemotherapy supporting effects!

This article takes a deep dive into the cancer-cell-killing and chemotherapy-supporting properties of hibiscus tea.

Metabolic Syndrome, Heart Disease, and Inflammation

Khalil, like other kids, likes to snack, but doesn’t always make choices based on what’s best for his health. Consuming the wrong foods can lead to inflammation which increases one’s risk of metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and diabetes

This article discusses how the antioxidant properties of hibiscus are said to reduce oxidation levels in the body along with reducing an inflammatory marker called hs-CRP. It also helps improve insulin sensitivity and lower cholesterol – making this beverage a great choice for those affected by difficult conditions such as heart disease and diabetes-related issues associated with metabolic syndrome.

High Blood Pressure

My son’s enjoyment of this cool-looking red tea could also be preventing the number one killer of adults in our country – when he’s only 12. That’s right. His habit of hibiscus tea also inhibits his risk for hypertension.

This article shows how the chemicals in hibiscus regulate blood pressure. Hibiscus may even help Lisinopril, one of the most common hypertension medications, work better.


All About Herbals Hibiscus


Kidney Stones and Fatty Liver Disease

Kidney stones and fatty liver disease, also known as NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis), are both associated with metabolic syndrome. Fatty liver disease is soon expected to be the number one cause of liver transplant in our country. My son, Khalil, is preventing fatty liver disease, kidney stones, and metabolic syndrome by drinking hibiscus tea. Hibiscus Sabdariffa, specifically, has been associated with blocking the effects and damage of fatty liver disease, as well as preventing calcium oxalate, which causes kidney stones.

To dig deeper into this fascinating topic, check out these PubMed articles on the effect of hibiscus on fatty liver and kidney stones.

Who knew that a simple cup of herbal tea could be so powerful? Hibiscus is an incredible herb, with anti-aging and regenerative properties. It’s truly amazing how such basic lifestyle changes like drinking real teas can help prevent our country’s top two leading causes of death. And it’s delicious enough that my 12-year-old drinks it regularly – why don’t we all follow suit and make small investments into better health?

If you’d like to learn more about this and other topics, check out the resources on our website. You will find more information to support you as you learn more about your health and ways to prevent chronic health issues.

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