Cardiovascular Disease 3 of 4: Nutrients that Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk

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What does a personalized approach look like when working with an integrative functional medicine practitioner to prevent or treat cardiovascular disease? With the aim of reducing the risk of heart attack, strokes, and other vascular disease, we consider the person’s history, their nutritional status, their environment, their gut health, and more in order to create…


Hormone SERIES Insulin 3 of 3: Nutrients to Improve Insulin Sensitivity

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Hormone SERIES Insulin

In this final post on insulin, we’ll discuss various nutrients that combat insulin resistance and make our bodies more sensitive to this important hormone. People tend to jump straight to nutritional supplements, botanicals, herbals, or homeopathy when dealing with insulin resistance, diabetes, and other hormonal issues. However, the lifestyle factors that we discussed last week…


Why Will the Flu Be Worse This Season?

Influenza is a viral, upper respiratory tract infection that typically, in any given season, affects about 25% of the population. What this means is, over a period of three to four years, pretty much everybody in any given population has been exposed at least once. This also means that as the seasons pass, there’s a…


Functional Medicine Doctor’s Guide to Protein Powders

Today, we wanted to take the time to delve into the topic of protein powders. We’re going to be highlighting protein-based and plant-based powders that include collagen. As you probably already know, collagen has many incredible health benefits! However, a lot of collagen proteins are tainted with mold as well as lead. When making beef…

Ground coffee on a white background

A Functional Medicine Doctor’s Take on the Mushroom Coffee Trend

Mushroom Coffee Benefits: Magical Health Cure—Or a Whole Lot of Hype?


Supplements & Nutritionals

Dr. Aaron Hartman discusses the history of nutritional supplement use in America and how consumers can make better decisions about their safety.