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Obesity, Alcohol Consumption, and Risk for Severe COVID-19 Disease

Published: August 17, 2020

As millions of people around the world are recovering from COVID-19, a small subset of this group is not getting better but staying ill. This group has been referred to in the media as “Long Haulers.” Even though this represents a small fraction of those infected with COVID-19, due to the enormity of its worldwide spreading, the absolute numbers with this new syndrome is extensive. What these individuals are experiencing is a post viral inflammatory syndrome, scientifically referred to as Post-COVID Inflammatory Syndrome (PCIS), though the official name is still in evolution.

In this short video I would like to introduce the idea of PCIS. We will briefly discuss other post inflammatory syndromes and other potential antecedents* to these diseases. We will also share our interest in the disorder and a potential future educational class in which we can dive into these topics.

*an antecedent is something that predisposes an individual to a reaction or disease. Often these are unrecognized by the individual.