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Taking Anti Aging to the Next Level

Taking Anti-Aging to the Next Level

Last week we talked about the major markers associated with aging. Today, I’d like to dive into things you can do right now to slow and potentially even reverse some of these aging-related processes. Is it really possible to slow the aging process and to add more life to our years? The Foundations of Functional…

Beyond wrinkles and gray hair

Beyond Wrinkles and Gray Hair: Getting to the Root Cause of Aging

Imagine the aging process in your body slowing down. Can we decelerate aging and live a vibrant life as we grow older? Wonder no more. We know that behaviors such as smoking, alcohol, and inadequate sleep can speed up the aging process. There are also many steps we can take to counteract the impact of…


Food and Mood Part 3: Mood Disorders and Nutritional Deficiencies

Are Nutrient Deficiencies Affecting the Way you Feel? There are several key nutrients we know that directly impact our mental health. These nutrients are necessary for a general sense of well-being, promoting positive mood, diminishing anxiety, controlling depression, allowing us to react well to environmental events, as well as for clarity of thought and focus.…


Are you Pregnant or Thinking About Getting Pregnant? Is Functional Medicine Right for You?

If you’re a mom-to-be or are thinking of having children soon, you might have questions about how functional medicine can be beneficial to you in this season of life. I see many young, healthy women in my clinic who come to RIFM specifically because they want to be in peak physical health before having a…


Coach’s Corner: Is Sunlight Your New Supplement?

How much sunlight have you seen today? If you would like to improve your sleep, mood, immune function, or regulate your appetite, this post is for you.   Have you ever thought about sunlight as a necessary element for good health? We all intuitively know that sunlight is energizing and mood-lifting and Dr. Hartman has…


Hormone SERIES Insulin 3 of 3: Nutrients to Improve Insulin Sensitivity

In this final post on insulin, we’ll discuss various nutrients that combat insulin resistance and make our bodies more sensitive to this important hormone. People tend to jump straight to nutritional supplements, botanicals, herbals, or homeopathy when dealing with insulin resistance, diabetes, and other hormonal issues. However, the lifestyle factors that we discussed last week…


Why Will the Flu Be Worse This Season?

Influenza is a viral, upper respiratory tract infection that typically, in any given season, affects about 25% of the population. What this means is, over a period of three to four years, pretty much everybody in any given population has been exposed at least once. This also means that as the seasons pass, there’s a…

Mom putting sunscreen on a little girl

How to Choose the Right Sunscreen According to a Functional Medicine Doctor

Do you know the difference between sunscreen and sunblock?

woman enjoying the sunshine

How to Manage Wise Sun Exposure, According to an Expert

Here’s why getting the right amount of sun is critical to your health

Vitamin D Drops Sunshine Vitamin

If You Only Take One Supplement, It Should Be Vitamin D—Here’s Why

Vitamin D: The supernutrient that fights COVID (and almost every other malady, too!)