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Compilation of images that shows inflammation to different parts of the body

Inflammation: The Underlying Cause of Chronic Disease

Inflammation is a normal response of our body’s immune system … but it can sometimes run amok, leading to all kinds of problems.


Getting Unstuck: Introducing the Triangle of Health

When I see patients who have been to other clinics and seen other practitioners, these are the main things that are keeping them from making progress. These are the humps they can’t seem to get over.


Coach’s Corner: Building Resilience with the Foundations of Health

Recently on the blog, Dr. Hartman has been talking about the profound health impact of cortisol imbalances. His number one recommendation for excessive cortisol, which is so prevalent in our culture, is stress management. So, let’s talk about where you might start on your journey to building stress resilience in your life and improving your…

Man experiencing headache

Hormone SERIES Cortisol 1 of 2: The King of All Hormones

Cortisol is the the king of all hormones. Ideally, I would have started discussing cortisol at the beginning of our hormone series, since it is at the top of the hormone hierarchy. However, most people focus on the third level of hormones, the sex hormones. So let’s set up our discussion by putting all of…

Sunlight in reflecting in the woods

Coach’s Corner: Is Sunlight Your New Supplement?

How much sunlight have you seen today? If you would like to improve your sleep, mood, immune function, or regulate your appetite, this post is for you.   Have you ever thought about sunlight as a necessary element for good health? We all intuitively know that sunlight is energizing and mood-lifting and Dr. Hartman has…

Woman using cellphone in bed before sleeping

Coach’s Corner: Kick Your Tech out of the Bedroom

If you could do one simple thing to improve your sleep, mood, metabolism, cognitive function, and potentially your most intimate relationship, would you do it? What if I told you that it was FREE and would take about 30 seconds? Ok, you might have to spend $10 on an alarm clock. And, yes, they still make…

Woman and Man jogging at the park

Hormone Series Insulin 2 of 3: Lifestyle Medicine to Treat Insulin Resistance

Now that we know that insulin resistance is incredibly common, and about 80% of Americans have this condition, let’s talk about some treatment options.   As we discussed last week, conventional medicine does not currently have treatment protocols for insulin resistance. However, in the personalized medicine world, we have many treatment modalities. Today I’ll start…


Will Your Christmas Dinner Make You Sleepy?

What’s the main course for you and your family this Christmas? Roast beef? Ham? Turkey? If your answer to that question was turkey, then you had better get cozy by the fireplace after your meal because it’s nap time!   There are a couple of reasons why turkey is associated with sleepiness. The first is…


Have Migraines?

Common Migraine Triggers to Avoid One basic concept to think about with migraines is the concept of a headache threshold. We all have a headache threshold, which is a level at which we each experience having a headache.   With some people, it takes an actual injury of some sort, like a head concussion. With…

functional medicine sleep and insomnia suggestions

Functional Medicine Suggestions for Better Sleep

Achieving better sleep can lead to many health improvements. This list of suggestions for better sleep is not meant to be
implemented in its entirety. Instead, pick three to four changes to implement to improve sleep quality.