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Lifestyle Medicine for Stress: Creativity, Nature, & Relationships

Lifestyle Medicine for Stress | Part 4

Creativity, Nature, & Relationships

In this last post in my series on Lifestyle Medicine for Stress, I’d like to introduce three more interventions that can effectively help us to manage stress, reduce cortisol, and help our bodies better respond to challenges.

Lifestyle Medicine for Stress: Mindfulness & Breathing

Lifestyle Medicine for Stress | Part 3

Mindfulness & Breathing

Both strategies — mindfulness & diaphragmatic breathing — are backed by a great deal of research on addressing the negative health effects of stress. Let’s talk about the power of these two seemingly simple interventions, and how you might incorporate them into your life.

Lifestyle Medicine for Stress | Part 2


As we know, unmitigated stress has been linked to various diseases. I see its effects in my clinic every day, so I think that it’s incredibly important to talk about this elephant in the room. Physical exercise is another powerful intervention to help mitigate the effects of stress.

Lifestyle Medicine for Stress

Lifestyle Medicine for Stress | Part 1

The Power of Yoga

Stress is the elephant in the room that people aren’t talking much about in the medical world today. We now know about so many ways that stress can affect our…

Functional Primary Care vs. Concierge Medicine

Functional Primary Care vs. ConciergeMedicine Which model is right for you? Overview Benefits What to Expect Your Provider Pricing FAQs You Were Made For Health … but it’s hard to harness…

Welcome to RIFM | Part 2

Functional Medicine

What Is It?
How Does It Work?
Is It Right For Me?

Welcome to RIFM | Part 2: Functional Medicine What Is It?How Does It Work?Is It Right For Me? Posted in I routinely receive questions about functional medicine: What is Functional…

Welcome to RIFM | Part 1

Holistic Medicine: A Better Standard of Care

Untangling Conventional, Integrative, and Functional Medicine to Select the Right Tool for the Job

Conventional medicine has its place, but sometimes integrative or functional medicine might be a better fit. The key is to know when to use which tool.

Cardiovascular Disease | Part 4

Food as Medicine: Preventing Heart Disease with Diet

Food as Medicine: Preventing Heart Disease with Diet Alone Where’s the proof?   For those who have been following me for more than a few days, the statistic that 50%…

Woman working out in the woods enjoying nature

Is Functional Medicine Right for Me?

I routinely receive questions about functional medicine. People ask me what we do, how much it costs, and how we practice. Ultimately, what they’re asking is: Is functional medicine right…

Foundations of Functional Medicine: Episode 1

In this episode, Dr. Hartman of Richmond Integrative and Functional Medicine shares part of his, and his family’s, story that led him to pursue functional and integrative medicine training and to open his functional medical practice.

Functional Medicine: A Primer

While we are increasingly hearing more about inflammation, few of us understand the good purposes inflammation plays in our body or when those good purposes move to dysfunction.

Working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner

Functional Medicine practitioners promote wellness by focusing on the fundamental underlying factors that influence every patient’s experience of health and disease.

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century.

Your Hormones in Harmony | Part 2


The King of All Hormones

The monarch of our hormonal hierarchy, cortisol, is an unsung hero when it’s in balance, but when it’s out of whack? It can turn your body into a realm of chaos.