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Vitamin D and COVID prevention- Finally a Study!

Published: October 13th, 2020

Every time I tell myself I’m not going to post another article on Vitamin D and infection prevention, another compelling article shows up. This is such an article.
In our current state of public health affairs, for COV disease prevention, we are waiting for a vaccine. But what if a simple nutrient potentially worked as well as a vaccine? This study looked at over 190,000 patients over 50 states and what they saw was compelling.
In those with blood levels of vitamin D <20 ng/ml, 12.5% tested positive a SARS-CoV-2 infection. In those with adequate vitamin D levels of 30-34 ng/ml, 8.1% tested positive, and in those with vitamin D levels >55 ng/ml 5.9% tested positive. This calculates out to a 52% reduction in infection in those with vitamin D levels over 55 ng/dl. Baseline rates of disease infection in the population were 9.3%. There are many ways to statistically manipulate these number but however you do it, vitamin D appears to be a potent preventative for COV.
My general recommendation to my patients is to get their blood level of vitamin D between 60-80 ng/dl. This is a simple test that can be performed in any medical office.
If you are wondering where you can get a high-quality vitamin D supplement, click here for our recommendation. Be sure to check sourcing as most vitamin D comes in soy oil that is genetically modified and contains large amounts of glyphosate.
Our preferred vitamin D: https://t.jo.my/vitdk2


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