liver detoxification process

Environmental Toxin Exposure – Is It Real?

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In this four-part series I would like to paint a picture of our current state of toxin exposure and help guide you through an orderly program to maximize your body’s natural ability to expel these substances—a process commonly called detoxification.

liver detoxification process

Toxin Exposure & Chronic Disease

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In Part II we will review the literature for toxin exposure and links to chronic disease.

liver detoxification process

Liver Detoxification Process

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In Part III, Dr Aaron Hartman, a functional medicine practitioner, explains the liver detoxification process as part of body’s natural detoxification.

liver detoxification process

A 6–10 Week Detox Plan

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Detox

In Part IV. Dr. Hartman outlines a 6–10 week detoxification plan.