Detox Food Plan

Why Detox?

Metabolic detoxification is an ongoing process: every day, your body’s organs are working to eliminate environmental toxins that come in from bacteria, air pollution, plastics, and heavy metals, to name a few. One of the most common toxic chemical exposures is from pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers used in agriculture. Exposure to these toxins commonly occurs through water, food, air, and from time spent in the home or work environment.

Scientists estimate the average adult has at least 300 toxins in their body and that a newborn may have over 200 toxins.

There may be reasons why the body isn’t efficient in clearing toxins. These reasons can be situational, such as having an increased exposure to toxins, being constipated and less able to excrete toxins through healthy bowel movements, eating a nutrient-poor diet, being under stress, having a chronic disease, experiencing excessive inflammation, and not getting enough physical activity or restorative sleep. There may also be genetic reasons, such as having slow enzymes that aren’t efficient in supporting detoxification.

The goal of a detoxification food plan is to provide nutritional support for helping the body process and eliminate toxins. The Detox Food Plan results in improved symptoms and an increased sense of wellbeing for most individuals.

Currently, our medical food plans are only available to RIFM members through our patient portal (Elation).