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Is bread really that bad for you?

Published: November 6th, 2020

Is bread really that bad for you?

Well, it can be. 10-15% of intolerance cases cause psychiatric disorders and nervous system problems. This information is not new but this concept still is not on the radar for most clinicians and patients.

This article is a published case report of a 38-year-old admitted to the hospital for severe anxiety verging on panic and life-threatening behavior. After an extensive workup in the hospital, the culprit for all their symptoms was found to be antibodies against their brain induced by wheat/gluten consumption. That is right, eating bread causes their body to attack their own brain.

This is a complex topic and has many variables. Some include food chemicals, emulsifiers in wheat-containing products, herbicides (like glyphosate or Round Up), and nutrient deficiencies induced by processed wheat consumption. A simple way to start improving your health is by cleaning up your diet. You can visit the Nutrition tab on our website for more information.


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