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Cutting Edge Treatments for Long Haulers: Ampligen

Published: October 19th, 2020

This news release drew my interest and it is the 1st IRB approved study I have seen for an immunologic drug to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from Long COVID. We have been talking about Long COVID for a few months, but it appears that a significant proportion (up to 30% in some cases) of those with significant COVID will have long term symptoms. One such group is developing post-COVID Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Ampligen (generic rintatolamob) research started in the 1960s and in the 1980s was looked at as a form of treatment for HIV/AIDS. Later research shifted to use in other immune-related disease including research in Europe and Canada for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (called CFS in U.S.). This molecule work on cell receptors called Toll-Like Receptors found on the cell membrane and important in an individual’s innate immune system. This is the part of the immune system that fights cancers and viruses. Important points are that this molecule has been studied in humans since 1994 and its side effects are known.
This is a great example of how Translational Medicine works, taking information and research from one field of medical practice and illness, and applying it to another.


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