Why Can’t I get Better?

Richard Horowitz MD

Dr. Horowitz is an internal medicine physician who moved his practice Hudson Valley, New York almost 30 years ago. He had no idea he was moving into the Lyme capital of the country. Over the years, treating many patients with Chronic Lyme Disease, Dr. Horowitz has developed a very specialized practice and way of evaluating and treating Lymes and MSIDS patients. He outlines his 16 point MSIDS map and treatment paradigm in this book. He follows the ILADS model. His book is a good overview of this treatment paradigm and he is a thought leader in this arena. He is not a functional medicine practitioner per sea and so doesn’t necessarily follow the functional medicine matrix systems based model. This book is great for anyone who currently has or is interested in Lyme’s, Multiple Systems Infectious Disease Syndrome or associated diseases.