Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Weston A Price, DDS

This book is the Opus Magnum on cultural diets and the effect of the Western diet on health and physical degeneration and disease. When Dr. Price’s son died from a dental abscess, he was struck with the paradox of how an apparently healthy individual could get a simple treatable infection and then die. The result was his 30 years of world travel researching the diets of the Mauri, Masai, Aborigines and other secluded cultures and then comparing it to those of these cultures who had become westernized. His discoveries were profound. He uncovered a link between maternal diet and infant diseases, dental arch malformation and processed foods, tuberculosis and white bread consumption. His study of the bones and skulls from the indigenous peoples of Peru and Florida uncovered ancient groups averaging 6 feet in height with perfect dental arches an almost no cavities. For anyone with a deep interest in cultural diets and its effects on health, this is a must-read.