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Aging and How it Affects Our Immune System

Published: October 1st, 2020
The single biggest risk factor for severe COVID disease is aging. As of the writing of this, 70% of all COVID related deaths have occurred in those over 70. So, age alone becomes the single biggest risk factor related to death from COVID. But what is it about aging that increases our risk? And can we do anything about this? This article from the The New York Times
does a nice job of starting this conversation. There are many factors related to aging that also increase the risk for infectious disease which can be addressed. For one nutritional status. Over 40% of those over 65 have zinc deficiencies, over 50% have #vitaminD deficiency and most have low stomach acid affecting B vitamin absorption and nutrient absorption. These deficiencies affect the immune system, cause low-grade inflammation, and impair the body’s ability to fight off cancers and infections. And these are just a few of the coming deficiencies seen in the aging population.
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