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Richmond Integrative and Functional Medicine, LLC (RIFM) offers access to the supplements and products as a convenience to patients only. RIFM makes no claims as to the effectiveness or quality of the products offered. RIFM assumes no responsibility for the improper use of and self-diagnosis and/or treatment using these products. There may be other companies which offer similar products and supplements which may also meet your needs. Specific questions regarding the use of vitamins or food supplements should be directed to a licensed health care provider.

Legal Code Regarding Supplements

We adhere to the Virginia State Code regard all supplement recommendations as outlines below.
18VAC85-20-40. Vitamins, Minerals and Food Supplements.

A. The recommendation or direction for the use of vitamins, minerals or food supplements and the rationale for that recommendation shall be documented by the practitioner. The recommendation or direction shall be based upon a reasonable expectation that such use will result in a favorable patient outcome, including preventive practices, and that a greater benefit will be achieved than that which can be expected without such use.

B. Vitamins, minerals, or food supplements, or a combination of the three, shall not be sold, dispensed, recommended, prescribed, or suggested in doses that would be contraindicated based on the individual patient’s overall medical condition and medications.

C. The practitioner shall conform to the standards of his particular branch of the healing arts in the therapeutic application of vitamins, minerals or food supplement therapy.