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Straight Talk About Supplements | Part 3

Safety First: How to Vet Your Supplements

Learn to vet your supplements to ensure their safety.

Straight Talk About Supplements | Part 2

Your Supplements May Be Lying to You

2 Troubling Scams To Steer Clear Of

Warning: Your supplement may contain hidden pharmaceuticals. The labels could be lying to you about their contents.

Straight Talk About Supplements | Part 1

Supplements & Snake Oil

5 Things You Need to Know About Supplements

We love and hate supplements for good reasons: they offer the best of medicine and the worst of human deception.


What Is Integrative Medicine & Functional Medicine? An Overview Our Store Understanding Functional Medicine Supplements Drugs vs. Supplements According to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, as amended, Section…


Nutrition “Let Food Be Thy Medicine & Medicine Thy Food” – Hippocrates “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest…

Spring Allergies

How to Ease Your Symptoms Naturally

You might be surprised to learn what the root causes are behind some of your seasonal sniffles!

Vitamin D Soft Gel Capsule

Straight Talk About Supplements | Part 5

If You Only Take One Supplement, It Should Be Vitamin D.

Here’s Why...

Unfortunately, this is the time of year when we most need vitamin D, and our bodies are least able to produce it.

Demystifying CBD & THC

Straight Talk About Supplements | Part 4

Demystifying CBD & THC

Is it Safe? Is It Smart?

I often receive questions about CBD & THC. What are the benefits and risks? How can you find a safe and effective product? Are they right for you?

Mold Wars

Five Battlegrounds in the ‘Mold Wars’ Debate

There’s a lot of debate, even in the functional medicine world, about chronic illness related to mold toxicity. Let’s look at five specific battlegrounds in the debate.

Hormone SERIES Insulin 3 of 3: Nutrients to Improve Insulin Sensitivity

In this final post on insulin, we’ll discuss various nutrients that combat insulin resistance and make our bodies more sensitive to this important hormone. People tend to jump straight to…

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