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Coach’s Corner: What’s So Great about Flax Seeds?

If you could take a pill that would help balance your hormones, make you more insulin sensitive, and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease AND breast cancer by 25%, would…

Different fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber

Coach’s Corner

The Fiber Fix

Using Fiber to Enhance Weight Loss, Heart Health, Blood Sugar Management, and Brain Function with Real Food

Fiber is finally getting the attention it deserves thanks to what we’ve learned about metabolism, lipid management, the gut microbiome, and even brain health.

Chronic Health Issues

Chronic Health Issues Are On the Rise

Addressing the Seismic Shift from Acute to Chronic Healthcare

Chronic health issues are now the most common medical problems we deal with. How can you avoid the wave of chronic health issues?

Coach’s Corner

Do You Need More Omega-3s?

Did you know that most Americans are deficient in omega-3s? One of the most common nutritional recommendations our doctors make is to increase omega-3 intake. If your doctor has asked…

Top 10 Myths About Heart Disease

There is much new research on heart health and how we can mitigate the risk for heart disease. However, I often hear dated information about heart disease, some of which…

July Coach’s Corner: A Mindset of Eating More, Not Less

When was the last time you heard someone say that they were cutting carbs or fat, eliminating gluten or dairy, or removing processed foods or sugar? This is a common…

Cardiovascular Disease | Part 4

Food as Medicine: Preventing Heart Disease with Diet

Food as Medicine: Preventing Heart Disease with Diet Alone Where’s the proof?   For those who have been following me for more than a few days, the statistic that 50%…

Healthy Heart text with healthy foods

Cardiovascular Disease | Part 3

Nutrients that Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

What does a personalized approach look like when working with an integrative functional medicine practitioner to prevent or treat cardiovascular disease? With the aim of reducing the risk of heart…

Hormone Series: Using Food and Lifestyle to Balance Estrogen: Estrogen 2 of 3

Age-appropriate estrogen balance throughout a woman’s lifespan is critical for wellness, well being, longevity, and vibrance. Today we’ll discuss how estrogen imbalances are addressed through food and other lifestyle factors….

Grain-Free Brain Granola

Let’s talk about my family’s Great Grain-Free Brain Granola recipe and all of its many benefits for your brain. The Why Behind the Ingredients Nuts & Seeds First, we focus…

Nuts & Seeds Prevent Viral Infections

Social Media Resources Link to Social Media Post Published: October 15th, 2020 What if I told you that healthy fats could prevent infections? Fatty acids are essential for the proper…

Functional medicine approach to healthy aging and longevity

Aging & Longevity Support Protocol: A Basic Primer

It is important to consider factors that may not only increase longevity but support healthy aging, such as vitamins and supplements.

CIRS: A New Paradigm for Chronic Disease | Part 5


In part 5 of a series on Mold-Related Biotoxin Illness (or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), Dr. Hartman provides and appendix of resources referred to throughout the series.

liver detoxification process

A 6–10 Week Detox Plan

In Part IV. Dr. Hartman outlines a 6–10 week detoxification plan.