Core Food Plan

Dietary plans are provided with permission from the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Core Food Plan

The Core Food Plan (CFP) is designed for those who are interested in:

  • Core principles of healthy eating
  • Health maintenance
  • Disease prevention
  • Awareness of one’s relationship with food

The CFP is a first step on your journey towards healthier eating and is designed to encourage eating in a way that will nourish and energize you. It is based on current research on what and how people should eat to be healthy and live long. It takes elements from the Mediterranean diet and the hunter-gatherer approach (sometimes referred to as “Paleo” diet), focusing on low- glycemic carbohydrates. The food plan can be easily changed to suit personal preferences and health needs. It is available in vegetarian and vegan versions and can accommodate foods from virtually any culture.

We call this a “core” food plan because it gives you the foundations for eating that will carry you throughout your life. The CFP uses the basic principles of “food as medicine” to support your health goals and improve your relationship with food.


Core Food Plan Comprehensive Guide

Comprehensive Guide

Core Food Plan Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner

Core Food Plan

Core Food Plan – Vegetarian

Core Food Plan – Vegan

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