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Distance-Based Coaching
For those out of the local area and who can’t travel here, or for those who are not ready to commit to a membership, RVA Integrative offers telephone or internet consults.
Distance-Based Consultation
Not everyone has direct, local access to an Integrative & Functional Medicine Physician. Therefore, Dr. Hartman makes himself available for phone or internet consults. While distance-based consultations are admittedly limited and cannot replace meeting directly with your primary care physician or specialists; nevertheless, a proper investment of time understanding your medical history from a Functional Medicine perspective can point you in a number of valuable directions.
Consult Fee
The cost for the 30-minute health coaching consultation is $320, which will be paid at the time you setup your appointment.
Step One
The first step in our process is identical to enrolling as a member. In addition to your basic contact information, you will be prompted to provide your insurance information as well as bank or credit card information. Your bank or credit card will not automatically be billed. All patients sign up using the same process. You are simply entering your details our system. Our staff will assign your cost designation when you contact us to schedule your distance-based consult.
Step Two
2.1 Medical History
All new patients will receive an email from LivingMatrix — our digital intake application — containing a personalized link to your initial “paperwork.” Click the link and choose a personal password (at least 8 characters in length). Click “Update Password” and begin entering all patient demographic information. After submitting your demographic information, you’ll be taken to the dashboard, which lists the forms you will need to complete before your appointment.
Intake Instructions (Text)
To begin entering information, click the small blue icon to the right labeled “View Form.” You should save your progress as you work through each section. (Please keep in mind that the forms may take as long as an hour to complete). If you do not remember the specific day or month of an occurrence you may enter “01/01/YEAR” as an estimate (the month and exact day are less important than the year.)

Once you have completed all of the sections, click “Submit.” (NOTE: Once you click submit, you will not be able to go back and edit information, as submitting forms locks in your information for your practitioner to review.)

In order for us to get a comprehensive idea of your health history, you will need to complete all sections of the forms you receive and be as specific as possible. Specific dates and occurrences will help us properly evaluate your medical situation and conditions.

For technical questions about the digital intake process, please contact our parter, LivingMatrix, by phone at 1-866-846-7888

Intake Instructions (Video Tutorial)
About LivingMatrix
Our practice uses a system called LivingMatrix to assess your health and identify the root cause of your symptoms. One of the many benefits of using this application is that it saves our practice time on the intake process – meaning more time for us to paint a comprehensive picture of our patients’ health histories with them.

There are benefits for our patients, too. We are able to personalize your information in real time and provide you with a hard copy of your health assessment. You’ll not only gain useful insight into your health during your visit, but you’ll walk away from your appointment with an understandable, easy-to-read view of your current health, a list of health goals, and, if necessary, a functional medicine prescription.

We will review your intake documents to get a general feel for potential issues and areas for special concentration.
2.2 Scheduling
We need all of your medical history forms filled out prior to scheduling your consult, and your appointment will be scheduled at least one week out in order to adequately review your history prior to your consultation.

Once you have completed your medical history, you can call us to schedule your 30-minute wellness consult. At that time, we will collect an initial deposit of $100.

Call to Schedule Your Consult


Step Three
Dr. Hartman will contact you at your scheduled appointment.

During your conversation, he populate your IFM Timeline and IFM Matrix and email you a copy of them. At the end of the session Dr. Hartman will create an individual action plan for you to implement.

Step Four
Individual Action Plan
Due to the restricted nature of a phone consult, your individual action plan should only be considered a health coaching consult. Any plan made must be reviewed with your primary care physician or specialists. This is only a health coaching consult and in no way does it replace or change your existing care. You are not to change any medications or alter any of your previous care plans based on any information you receive from Richmond Integrative & Functional Medicine. You are to review them with your personal provider and determine if the action plan is right for you.

Labs & Testing
Due to the nature of a health coaching consult, no direct patient labs or testing can be ordered but we can make recommendations which you can review with your personal provider. If your provider determines that they agree with the specialty testing, they can either draw the testing in their office or we can give you information on drawing locations across the country where you can access the specific specialty testing as a discounted rate.

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Wellness Consults

We offer 30 minute phone or internet consultations to review your history and guide your healthcare.

What Is Membership?

We believe a membership model allows us to provide you the highest quality care at the lowest price.

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