Executive Optimal Wellness

Maximize your health while safeguarding your future.

Everyone’s needs are not the same.

While some men and women are pursuing health, others already are healthy but want to use the most up-to-date evaluations to safeguard their future.

This program is for them.

Our Executive Optimal Wellness Program applies the same tools we use from a Functional & Integrative Medicine approach to proactively maximize our members’ function and health.

Understanding & Anticipating Disease

You are not merely a complicated machine but a complex interwoven individual. In fact, your body is the most complex and interconnected organism known to mankind.

The Space Shuttle is a complicated machine. It requires many people, parts and systems to function and work. Yet a single misstep can cause the whole system to crash. In 1986 a simple frozen O-ring due to unusually cold conditions resulted in the Challenger’s explosion. Your body is vastly different. Your interconnected systems have an unknown number of interconnections and redundancies. This means that if a glitch arises, another system kicks in and if another mishap occurs, another system steps in. We now know that Alzheimer Disease cellular changes occur up to 20 years prior to the diagnosis of disease. Cardiovascular disease pathological finding on your arteries can be found to begin in the late teens even though disease diagnosis may not occur for 30 more years. Colon cancer has a ten-year window for development and we now know autoimmune antibodies for most Hypothyroidism can be found 10 years prior to disease diagnosis.

In our Executive Optimal Wellness program, we will use all the tools at our disposal to screen and diagnosis disease early in order to maximize your health and wellness. We also look for functional metabolic markers to improve systems function. Our evaluation will not only help you to get and maintain your peak performance but also address your preventative health. Because scientific and information is always changing, so is our program. This is the true preventative evaluation.

Ultra-Athlete’s as well will benefit from discovering potential effects from overtraining and learn how to maximize their performance.


During your consult visit we will do an extensive vascular biology evaluation including vascular biomarkers, BIA analysis, heart rate variability and pulse wave analysis. Nutrigenomic testing and digestive analysis are an integral part of the analysis as well as a personalized neurochemical and functional analysis. We will be looking for inflammatory markers associated with cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s as well as certain cancers. Another part of your visit will be a nutrition and toxicological assessment. This evaluation will take 2–3 hours. Lab results may require up to six weeks. When the results are in you will receive a written explanation. If there are any findings and you would like to address, you may choose to continue with us to work through these.

Consult Fee

The fee for this is $1500 which includes the initial intake evaluation as well as the 6-week testing review and health plan. If you elect to work with Dr. Hartman beyond your initial consult, you may do so with a monthly membership fee of $135.

All standard-of-care services and covered services will be billed to your insurance and all services over and above the standard of care will be covered by your membership induction fee and/or monthly membership fee.

Optimal Wellness Program

Evaluation & Screening

  • Vascular biology evaluation including vascular biomarkers, BIA analysis, heart rate variability and pulse wave analysis
  • Personalized neurochemical and functional analysis
  • Nutrition & toxicological assessment
  • Additional Testing May Include:• Digestive analysis (as appropriate)• Nutrigenomic testing (as appropriate)

Our Executive Optimal Wellness program is unlike any other and is overseen by Dr. Hartman. Currently he is Richmond’s only dual board certified Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine certified doctor, this is in addition to his active board certification in Family Medicine. He started Virginia Research Center in 2010 and is a Key Opinion Leader for Novum Nordisk in diabetes research. This is in addition to his current position as an assistant clinical professor of Family Medicine at VCU and his current medical practice. Full resumé

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