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Hormone Series Insulin 1 of 3: Introducing Insulin and Insulin Resistance

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Insulin is one of the top three hormones in the hormone hierarchy that affect all other hormones. The other hormones at the top of the hierarchy are cortisol (adrenal hormones) and thyroid hormones. These are the most important hormones that are absolutely required for life and they affect all the hormones in our body.  …


Hormone Series Insulin 2 of 3: Lifestyle Medicine to Treat Insulin Resistance

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Now that we know that insulin resistance is incredibly common, and about 80% of Americans have this condition, let’s talk about some treatment options. As we discussed last week, conventional medicine does not currently have treatment protocols for insulin resistance. However, in the personalized medicine world, we have many treatment modalities. Today I’ll start with…


Hormone SERIES Insulin 3 of 3: Nutrients to Improve Insulin Sensitivity

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Hormone SERIES Insulin

In this final post on insulin, we’ll discuss various nutrients that combat insulin resistance and make our bodies more sensitive to this important hormone. People tend to jump straight to nutritional supplements, botanicals, herbals, or homeopathy when dealing with insulin resistance, diabetes, and other hormonal issues. However, the lifestyle factors that we discussed last week…