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We offer 30 minute phone or internet consultations to review your history and guide your healthcare.

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We believe a membership model allows us to provide you the highest quality care at the lowest price.

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Thank you for joining Richmond Integrative & Functional Medicine
Thank you for entrusting us with your health care!. We take this responsibility seriously and will do our best to assist you with your health goals. Once we review your information and verify it, we will contact you for your first scheduling as well as provide you access to LivingMatrix—our online intake form system. This can take between 1–4 business days. While you are waiting for this, please review our website. We have dedicated many resources and much time to its development as an educational site. Many questions and concerns as well as starting points in your health care journey can be found there. Again, Welcome!
Functional Medicine
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The Functional Medicine Matrix

In the Functional Medicine model, the body’s function is viewed in light of seven fundamental systems. It takes into account how the environment interacts with your genes and can result in health or disease.

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A Real Answer for Chronic Disease

Most individuals don’t recognize that fatigue, digestive issues, aches, pains, allergies, mood swings … are not just annoying symptoms but are early clues to underlying biological dysfunction that may develop into a full blow disease over time…

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