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Dr. Hartman and the RIFM team are top notch. Thorough and personalized care from friendly and knowledgeable experts. Highly recommend to anyone considering.
John Ziegler
John Ziegler
November 27, 2023
Dr. Jenski and his staff are incredible. The care I have received has given me back my quality of life! i feel incredibly fortunate to have this exceptional level of practitioner right here in RVA. I had a high level of constant pain and I am at zero consistently. I would travel across the country for the care I’m receiving, and I highly recommend this practice.
Carrie Meeker
Carrie Meeker
November 20, 2023
Richmond IFM is a great resource for anyone who wishes to change bad lifestyle choices. A range of tests is done to determine your current health which leads to a plan for improvement! The staff takes time to greet and find out how they can help? Dr. Jenski, my Doctor, is fantastic in the way he delves into all possibilities of causes and treatments. I'm very happy with RIFM and their friendly staff.
May Roy
May Roy
November 14, 2023
Excellent care. SO refreshing and meaningful to me. Over 10 years of providers minimized/ignored my symptoms, and/or just wanted to give me a "band-aid" for symptoms instead of trying to find the root cause. THANK YOU to the WHOLE team - front desk, phlebotomist, nurses, to my Dr. I finally have hope that I will be able to participate in my life.
November 7, 2023
Dr. Jenski listens well, spending about 1.5hr the first appointment thoroughly discussing what I was experiencing health-wise and providing guidance and a plan. The 1hr follow-up appointment was an in-depth charted look at lab results, with him explaining findings in a patient and easy-to-understand way. I was given a plan to follow, a binder full of information, and next steps. It’s also worth noting that he is respectful of my plant-based diet and provides helpful suggestions and alternatives accordingly. His holistic approach to getting to the root cause(s) of concerns and improving health is greatly appreciated. Everyone on the team has been kind and helpful. I’m looking forward to continuing this healing journey at RIFM, and I’m grateful for Dr. Jenski and the team’s support.
Brianna Jiménez
Brianna Jiménez
October 30, 2023
Wonderful practice. Dr. Jenski listens to his patients and takes a truly holistic approach to wellness and medicine. He's the only doctor that has had any significant impact on my chronic conditions. I can't recommend him enough!
Kyle L.
Kyle L.
October 24, 2023
Dr. Hartman has improved my health tremendously. I can't thank him enough for all of his excellent guidance, his open mindedness and his leading edge approaches. I experience him to be an extremely bright, caring and devoted physician. Thank you Dr. Hartman! I'm back again to affirm my previous review a year ago of Dr. Hartman and his entire staff. Starting with the receptionist at the front desk, she made me and my wife feel welcomed and cared for. It's so nice to walk in the door and be greeted by such warmth and joy. The medical assistant who did my initial check in and vitals was also very warm, kind and professional. It's always great to have an appointment with Dr. Hartman. He is clearly dedicated to helping his patients achieve optimum health. I have fun seeing him as he can look at my health conditions from different angles, and he discovers and uses approaches that have never been considered by my other doctors. He has helped me tremendously. He also has a great personality and bedside manner. Thank you to all of the staff at RIFM for your warmth and healing environment! (The office is beautiful too:)
Tom Twomey
Tom Twomey
October 18, 2023
Oh, where to start with Dr. Aaron Hartman and his incredible team at Richmond Integrative and Functional Medicine? Honestly, it's a blessing to have a practitioner who doesn't just treat symptoms but listens deeply, understands thoroughly, and crafts a plan that looks at the big picture of your health journey. This isn't just about dealing with the now; it's about setting you on a path that takes your long-term well-being into account. The folks at Richmond don’t just know their stuff, they bring so much kindness and efficiency to their practice, making every interaction smooth and every visit a genuinely pleasant experience. From your first step into their space, it's evident that you’re not just a patient; you’re a valued individual whose wellness journey matters deeply to them. Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Hartman and team for not just being extraordinary at what they do, but for reshaping the healthcare experience in RVA into something so profoundly patient-centered and compassionate. It’s a glowing recommendation from this corner, no doubt!
George Valashinas
George Valashinas
October 15, 2023
I’ve been a patient since RIFM opened and with Dr.Hartman more than 15 years. Love the practice — friendly, knowledgeable staff, beautiful environment, and patient-focused care. Have learned so much about my health and how best to support living my life to the fullest. Highly recommend.
October 3, 2023
My experience with Dr. Jenski and his staff has been so refreshing. They are thoughtful, thorough, knowledgeable and patient. As a person with health anxiety, I generally have loads of questions and Dr. Jenski always takes his time answering them with great care and consideration. And, I never thought I would say this, but I adore the phlebotomist. She is AMAZING. She it personable, funny and excellent at her job. Truly. I feel so blessed to have found these doctors!
Amber Spivey
Amber Spivey
October 3, 2023

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